''Photography padippikkaan pattilla, pakshe padikkaan pattum" (Photography can't be taught, but it can be learned). This popular dialogue from a Malayalam movie tells that the subtle photogenic scenes lie hidden in the frenzy moments of life. The greatness in photography is in the discovery of these moments. This demands not just vision, but an insightful view of the surroundings. Obscura, organized by KPVU (Kerala Photographers and Videographers Union) opens up this world of insights before you!
You are invited to savour the moment and discover the photographer within you.


Kochi, the fast growing commercial hub of Kerala has history hidden in its winding lanes, with streets that smell of spices and an eclectic mix of cultures. Kochi is one of the cosmopolitan metro cities which has the highest numbers of educational institutions, libraries, digital studios and cinema halls!

With its serene coastal setting, buzzing streets, architecture depicting cultural diversity, periodic festivities and socio-political vibrance, Kochi is always a visual artist's delight. There’s no better place to stage a visual treat like Obscura Photography Festival.