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Kerala Photographers and Videographers Union(KPVU-CITU)

Obscura is conceived, designed and executed by Kerala Photographers and Videographers Union (KPVU).
What began as an informal collective of photographers in 2010 gradually formed into an organisation in the year 2014. More than 10000 photographers and videographers in the State are connected to KPVU today. This association of those engaged in this profession is guided by the philosophy of "One for All and All for One". We live in an era where social networking, sharing of public resources, open technologies and work culture ethics are important attributes that any industrial segment can ignore only at its own peril. Our association is aimed at benchmarking this industrial segment to the best practices in the world and exposing our members to these best practices.
KPVU has been conducting the Obscura Festival for the last four years. Needless to say, the objective of organising an event of this nature is in perfect sync with the vision of KPVU to bring together all beneficiaries of this industry on a common platform.

The Event - Obscura 2020- The Photography Festival

''Photography padippikkaan pattilla, pakshe padikkaan pattum" (Photography can't be taught, but it can be learned) - the above is a popular dialogue from a malayalam movie. The subtle photographic moments lie hidden in the frenzy moments of life. The greatness in photography lie in the discovery of these moments. This demands not just vision, but a vision of insight. Obscura opens up this world of insights before you ! Savour the moment and discover the photographer within you.

Digital technology is revolutionising the art of photography and videography by ends and means. On the one side are the changes taking place in the means of production and the modes of production, thanks to mobile phones. On the other side, the sources of income and the modes of income generation are also changing-- internet based marketing and servicing have become the predominant sources of income.

With mobile phones, internet and social media pervading the society, the popularity of photography has increased manifold. Today, the young and old take to photography out of sheer passion. It doesn't sound ornamental if we say - 'anywhere in the world, any moment in time there is a photographer in the waiting, there is a click in the waiting'. Equally so, critics argue that this newfound popularity of photography has diluted the aesthetics of its creative process.

This discourse of democracy vs meritocracy cuts across all domains of human life and is centuries old as well. Transforming this discourse to a positive one is the primary objective of the Obscura festival. This can happen only with study of history, acquisition of knowledge, democratisation of knowledge, social networking, business networking and creating an environment of equal opportunity.
This is the mission of Obscura.

Obscura dawns a new look in 2020

Obscura has been here for the last four years. As a trade fair, it has been a great benefit to the photography community. Now, in this 5th edition, our mission is to develop the festival into a totally people's event. To put it in perspective Obscura is in a metamorphosis of emerging into the biggest collective and the most sought out photography festival in India. This journey begins this year. Our goal is a hundred thousand foot fall.

We intend to unravel the history of the art and technology of photography; provide exposure to the emerging technologies and avenues in various domains of photography; to get connected to the topmost institutions in India and the world; to increase the social media visibility of those engaged in the field of photography; to get connected to the tourism and cultural projects of governments; to conduct camps and workshops beyond the event as well.

Obscura beckons the photographer in you. Come and get inspired ! Make this new year and the new decade a journey into a World of Insights with Obscura.

Brand Obscura

Obscura 2020 - A World of Insights

The subtle photographic moments lie hidden in the frenzy moments of life. The greatness in photography lie in the discovery of these moments, much beyond the frame and the click of the camera. Only a keen observer of nature and life can anticipate these unfolding moments. This demands not just vision, but a vision of insight. The aesthetics of this art is not about changing tools and technologies, but deep and continuous excavation of one's own insights.

By selecting this theme for this fifth edition of Obscura, we are paying tribute to the great photographers in history who loved and observed nature and life, waited patiently for hours and days for capturing the photographic moments which have been part of history. These photographic gems have contributed to our aesthetics, knowledge and a better understanding of the world. Many of them had to give their life and their beloved camera in their journey dedicated to photography.The society we live in would not have been better off without these great martyrs.